Today we are talking about the benefits of hookah, after it has become widespread in all countries of the world and every little one knows it, and its benefits center through the rituals that occur when drinking it. Thanks to it, many friends, relatives and loved ones gather in one place and each of them chooses his favorite flavor of grapes, apples, gum, lemons and fruits. And many, many delicious flavors

The hookah creates an atmosphere full of happiness and brings people closer to each other and relieves them of life’s stresses and troubles.

The benefits of hookah and its preparation

The hookah lovers watch the completion of their work, so they gather and put the molasses in the head and put the cellophane on top of it, then they regularly perforate it, and after that they put the coal on the fire until it becomes a burning red color

Then it is placed directly on the head of the hookah or on a perforated iron to reduce the heat of the charcoal to avoid burning the honeycomb quickly

The hookah is not restricted to a particular social class, as everyone can use it, whether he is a doctor, engineer, lawyer, merchant or worker.

Each person has his own ritual for drinking hookah, some of them like to drink it alone and at home, and some of them like to drink it from friends and relatives, and some of them like to drink it in their favorite cafe, where you often find hookah employees in cafes who know the taste of each of their customers and know how to prefer his hookah.

After taking multiple sips of the hookah, the smoker feels comfortable and calm and begins to focus again, so you find many hookah smokers when they want to carry out an important work or have a task that needs careful focus, they usually run the same and sit down to start work

Hookah smokers feel happy when thick smoke comes out of their mouth, and some of them exhale it in the shapes of small and large circles as an expression of their happiness, similar to the white smoke that we are happy to leave from our mouth during the freezing cold in the air.

Learn the difference between hookah and shisha

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