The shisha and the hookah depend on passing the smoke resulting from the burning of tobacco burning with charcoal after entering the water in order to filter it before inhaling it.

Is there a difference between hookah and Shisha actually?

In fact, hookah differs from hookah in two ways. The first thing is that the buzzer in the hookah is short and does not exceed 10 cm. In the hookah, we note that it is longer and may reach more than 30 cm.
The second difference between the hookah and the hookah is the bowl, as the bowl in the hookah is flat and is topped with the tobacco. While in the hookah, we notice that it is spherical and the tobacco is placed inside it.

To whom do the origins of the hookah and shisha go back?

The hookah and shisha were invented in India by Doctor Hakim Abdul Fattah during the Mughal period and it was believed that it was a harmless way to smoke hashish. And the use of hookah and shisha moved to the Arabian Peninsula and its spread was globally during the period of the Ottoman Empire.


History of the discovery of tobacco:

The tobacco plant was imported from America after it was discovered and then was transferred and cultivated all over the world, and the tobacco plant is one of the discoveries of the New World, as Christopher Columbus transferred it to Europe and then moved to the rest of the country and it was cultivated and flourished greatly, and it is said that the American Indians They are the first to use smoking for tobacco historically.


What are the types of hookah and Shisha?

The hookah head: It is a container in which the molasses or tobacco is placed, called the tobacco, and burning coals are placed on it in order to burn the tobacco. Its head is usually made of pottery. And it was designed with a small hole at the bottom to enter the tube, while the other hole was designed to be wide with small holes for the tobacco to be placed on it and to allow air to enter.

The hookah bowl: The bowl is placed under the hookah head in order to catch the ash that flies. It is made of metal.

Bottle or water chamber: It is made of decorative glass and consists of a container that holds water.

Tube: The tube holds the head on one side, and on the other side, it is dipped in water. The tube has a hole on the side that is used to insert the inhaler hose.

The hose or the nozzle: one end of the hose is inserted into the tube and the other end of the hose is used to draw smoke and inhale it. The hose is made of vegetable fibers to give it a kind of softness. The ends of the hose end with two wooden tubes, one of which is inserted into the side opening of the tube, and the other is used for inhalation.

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