Learn how the hookah works, because the hookah is a tool and a means of smoking. The principle of its work depends on introducing the smoke of the burning molasses into the filtered water to clean it and filter it from dirt and then take it out to the chest. The hookah has multiple flavors and types. We will learn in this article about how to prepare it.

How the hookah works

You must clean all tools before starting use. And wash the parts of the hookah with water and a soft brush before, and repeat this process every time you want to drink

Disassemble its parts piece by piece, pass the brush to all places and wash the hose from the outside and inside well

After you have finished cleaning and washing it, leave it to dry, preferably with a piece of cloth

You need the cleaning process in order to enjoy the original taste, so try not to operate the hookah without doing this process

Next, fill the hookah bottle with water up to 2.5 cm from the metal stem or a little more. Leave room for air

If your archetype is short, you need to fill only 1.25 cm of the metal stem; So that the space is left to the air and the hose does not enter water from the bottle while drawing the air

In the summer, you can add ice water or ice cubes to enjoy a cool and refreshing breath

After that, install the hookah tube over the bottle and tighten it if your hookah contains sparks, but if it does not contain sparks, you can press it to ride on the bottle tightly. Be careful while lifting the hookah so that the bottle does not separate from the body and break, and it is preferable to put a piece of silicone or rubber for it to be Seal it well and prevent air from leaking, and this is one of the most important stages of the hookah method

The second stage of the way the hookah works

Install the hose in its place well and make sure that it is tight to prevent air leakage, and the location of the hose is usually at the bottom of the tube

Some of them have two places for the hose

Try to check the water level several times before installation. And if the water level is near the hose, it is possible for water to fall into the hose and spoil your breath, or spoil the hose if it was made of materials that spoil with water.

Put the tip of the hookah on top of the tube in the place designated for it and start filling it with honey on a regular basis and try to keep it comfortable without pressing it, and then bring the cellophane paper for the hookah

If it is not pierced, try to puncture it regularly and avoid large holes, as it spoils the honeycomb and makes it burn quickly

You can put three burning coals on top of the head if it is large, and just put two if the head of your hookah is small, put them on the edges of the head and not in the middle and enjoy the delicious taste of honeyed honey.

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