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Quality in manufacturing

Stylish design

Price competition

Since its establishment in Damascus, Syria 1996, Al LAITH industrial Co has progressively been active in plumbing and metal turning.

The company started supplying the domestic market with manufactured pieces for Hookah. We made our reputation as an Industrial company by manufacturing high quality goods with competitive prices.

Since then, the company has decided to make Hookah production from the ground up as its main business. Our first production was launched in 2000.

Our business lasted in Damascus until 2015 where we exported our products to several neighboring countries. Then we moved to Istanbul where we went on producing hookahs and its accessories.


We chose the best quality of Turkish glass that is the best in hookah manufacturing

Other materials


Our products based on the our vision for the arts and modern styels

What we offer to our customers

Experience , legacy and quality are main points in our products .

We are proud to offer you our product