Usually, you search for pictures of hookahs before you go to the hookah store to buy hookahs, or when you go to the café, you will find various forms of hookahs, so how will you know which forms are the best? Here are the best forms of Shisha with pictures

When you choose a hookah to smoke with at home or a café, you should pay attention to some of the main important things in order to enjoy it for a long time, so we will explain to you the principle of the work of the hookah until you have the knowledge that enables you to determine the best types of hookah yourself

طريقة عمل الأركيلة

Learn about the sections and pictures of her Hookah

The hookah consists of three main sections: the head, the tube, the bottle, and other parts such as the hose, the cellophane, the plate and the tongs.

The hookah is based on the principle of its work on introducing the burning smoke from the molasses into the water that is in the room, and it is filtered and entered into the hose and then into the smoker’s lung

At LAIS Company, we manufacture the best and most beautiful shapes of hookahs. Our products are distinguished by their innovative designs, in addition to using the finest types of metal materials from aluminum, brass, red and processed stainless steel.

In addition to the methods of heat treatment in coating and metal cladding

Work is done on the latest programmed machines to adjust dimensions with optimal quality

Durable pure glass is used in our products and on our molds and all the colors used in the glass are processed at high temperatures to ensure its stability and durability

The packaging and packaging side serves the arrival of the product in full and in full splendor to the customer, even in the most difficult shipping and transportation conditions

Our designs are exclusive and officially registered in the copyright circles

We are working to provide spare parts for the product on a permanent basis

The product is manufactured from A to Z in our factory, with local expertise and international privileges, according to the specifications stipulated in the Industrial ISO, and here we have finished knowing the pictures of its hookah, types and parts

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