Learn with us about the types of hookah charcoal, because hookah charcoal is the flame without which the hookah cannot work, and some of it is made of natural wood and some of it is industrially manufactured from chemicals.

And before you put the coal on top of the hookah, you must make it take its time to burn in order not to give a bad taste to the hookah.

The hookah coal is placed on the head with a correct distribution, and it can put two or three coals according to the size of the head and turn them over every period to remove the extinguished ash

Types of hookah charcoal

charcoal cubes:

Cube charcoal is one of the most widely used types of hookah charcoal. It is easy to use and flammable. It does not produce much ash and lasts for the last breath. It usually comes in boxes of various sizes and comes with six edges, which makes it easy to focus on the head of a hookah, and sparks do not fly out of it when exposed to the air.

flat charcoal:

It is similar to charcoal cubes in its properties, but it is flat and does not last for long

Finger charcoal:

Finger charcoal is a common type of charcoal where three fingers are placed above the head and are enough to ignite

Cuboid Charcoal:

It resembles a cuboid and is more stable on the head of the hookah

Faceted charcoal:

It is considered one of the types of finger charcoal, but it has six faces and is made from coconut shells. Charcoal made from coconut is one of the best types of charcoal and does not change the taste of the honeyed charcoal.

Quarter-circle charcoal:

Quarter-circle charcoal was made in order to make it control the heat management, and this is actually done, but in the middle of the session it loses its shape and becomes difficult to move it with tongs

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